With over 55 years experience working within the Spiritual field, I have had the privilege to read for many people from all walks of life. I have also gained great joy in mentoring people from many countries around the world; as well as running and teaching various groups within the spiritual field, both locally and overseas.

Born in England , I moved to New Zealand in 1973 before making my home in Australia in 1990. After a successful career in sales, marketing and training with major corporations, I chose to follow my inner passion and make a commitment to dedicate my life to fostering the vital understanding of the spiritual and psychic nature that lures all of us along our own Journey of Discovery to the self.

Now a Tamworth-based spiritual and psychic teacher, healer, medium and spiritual counsellor, I gain the most enjoyment from sharing my knowledge and experience, to enable people to believe in their innate ability to access and use their own psychic potential and to fully develop the spiritual gifts that they naturally have within. I believe that whether on a one-to-one or in a group, time spent in meditation and development is an adventure in guidance and serenity, and the connection with the centre of love and healing will empower you to enrich your own life and your own path.

So if you are seeking contact with your inner self and with the ethereal guidance that naturally surrounds you, a valuable opportunity to explore and refine your natural abilities is now available through the Journey of Discovery workshops and classes. Here you will find techniques that are clear, gentle and compassionate.

There are various ways which you can choose to begin this journey of yours; with individual counselling, spiritual readings and healings; spiritual development circles and healing circles, including the use of colour, crystals and music. As well, the more unusual and less-utilised, public mediumship, open chanelling and open spiritual circles; it is about bringing an awareness and understanding to all who are ready. An opportunity for growth of the inner self, a nurturing of the Spirit.