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Hi to Each & Everyone of you, 

Welcome to a brand  New Year full of expectation of wonderful adventure. 😊  May 2019 be a fantastic year for you all full of your dreams & wishes coming to fruition 😊 I know for me this will be a year of some amazing changes that will enable me to fulfill yet another passion I wish to complete – the time has come as they say – will certainly keep you in the loop as things come to pass😊  But first of all – Happy New Year to you all, thankyou for your continued support and sharing it is so appreciated. 😊

So what do we have coming up – 1st up is our Country Music Psychic Fair Plus an Aromatic event – Our first Young Living Passion Rally for the year. Plus Dennis Ganchingco will be offering Level 1 & 2 of his Lenormond  Card reading workshops. Plus Jenni and a few others will be popping in to do special workshops as the year progresses.  I will have a couple of Essential Angel training events, Other Live your Passion Rallies,  Aromatic  Wellness Psychic Fair giving you all the opportunity to look a little deeper into the oils if you would like to. You can if you wish   go to one of my websites and have a look around  http://Mandy.OilsDiscovery.me or https://www.myyl.com/amandacoles Should you find it helpful or have any questions just drop me a note or give me a call. If you would like to join – which I would love - so you too can experience the magic of this product first hand you can do it directly through either of these sites😊  or why not come into our Live Your Passion Rally in January you would enjoy the afternoon. 

I will send out reminders as usual for whatever is coming up but in the meantime, keep an eye on my website. www.mandycoles.com and go to the What’s On page I will update the news as often as I can.  

And once more may I wish each of you a fun filled life as you live each day moment by moment leading you to fulfil your special journey here on this planet earth.

In Loving Gratitude

Blessings Mandy


January 2019

18th – 27th Jan -   Country Music  Psychic Fair 9am - 6pm. Venue: ‘Attunga Room’  Ibis Style Hotel.  Cnr Ebsworth & Bridge Sts Tamworth.

National & International Readers, Tarot, Angel Cards Clairvoyance, Mediumship & more. Feet & Hand,  Head & Shoulder Massage, Healing and Spiritual Stalls, pre loved books, Aura Camera Readings, Workshops, Rallies. Lots happening. Call in or ring to book your appointment Ph: 0402 348 597 some of our Guest Readers this year are: Trish Conway – Angel Cards, Clairvoyance. Lady Maz – Intuitive, Clairvoyant.  Janita Ying – Egyptian Tarot, Palmistry, Clairvoyant. Judi Clark – Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Mediumship. Gail Dallas – Tarot,  Psychic, Crystal singing bowl healing. Corn Mother – Astrology.  Christopher Lavender – Aura Camera. Jo Durand – uses the colour & energy of crystals and synchrodice. Donna-Myree  Mediumship, Tarot. Jenni Robetson – Medium, Past lives, Spiritual Guidance, Future events. Dennis Ganchingco – Psychic Intuitive, Master of the Lenormand Grand Tableau card deck.    

Readings start at $50 For further details & Booking contact Mandy on 0402 348 597 or  Email: info@mandycoles.com

Also Available this year is both Level 1 & Level 2 workshops with Dennis Ganchingco on The Lenormand Cards. Contact me for booking etc Details below.

Also there will be our first Young Living Passion Rally for the year  happening during the festival on Sat 19th  2pm – 4.30pm  Please register ( if we have the right numbers –there could well be a special surprise)  will be a great afternoon full of Aromatic wellness info and great products. Contact me for further info. info@mandycoles.com

Dennis has spent over 25yrs crafting his Psychic intuitive gifts. Using his skills to read the signs and symbols of the Lenormand cards as well as sense the aura around you, he is able to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of life, allowing you to see the bigger picture and your purpose in it. From an early age, Dennis had a fascination with the natural meaning of life and the role we all play within it. With this curiosity he embarked on various metaphysical and esoteric journeys of self - discovery and training to help him unravel the mysteries of the chakras, aura, colours and symbolism of life.

Dennis has helped many people from all walks of life find their true north. He has the ability  to answer and bring insight to your most pressing questions, while clarifying and helping you understand the matter at hand. Dennis has worked in Wellbeing centres, shops, and psychic fairs in NSW giving psychic card readings as well as having taught several workshops in the art of reading the Lenormand Card deck and has helped people gain a great insight into understanding the cards. So while he is here he will be offering private readings and a workshop. Details below:

Sunday 20th  Level 1  Lenormand Card Workshop - Venue:  ‘Ibis Styles Hotel (Attunga Room) Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts. Tamworth.  10am – 5pm  -  Dennis Ganchingco brings to you from Sydney – His  Lenormand Cards Workshop this include a set of these special cards and notes. Cost: $170  ( Book early - this workshop will fill quickly as this is the first time Dennis has brought this workshop to Tamworth) Bookings essential.  Contact Mandy on info@mandycoles.com or mobile 0402348597  Payments for Dennis are pre-paid please this confirms your space/appointment. When you book I will send how to pay details. 

Sunday 27th  10am – 5pm - Venue:  ‘Ibis Styles Hotel (Attunga Room) Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts. Tamworth.  Level 2  (open to all who  have completed level one)  The Grand Tableau uses all original 36 cards of the Lenormand in a spread that allows you to see the bigger and broader landscape of what’s to come, your major influences, the things you have control over and what has past. It is so rich in information and nuances that you can spend hours unlocking the mysteries from this unique and magical spread. And in this course, you’ll do just that. You’ll learn various techniques and ways of extracting the messages you’re needing to see, from charging cards to represent specific areas of life to a technique that I call, follow the flow. If you’re ready to learn the fullness of this wonderful oracle system, then this workshop is for you. So bring along your favourite Lenormand deck and embark on a journey deep into the mysteries of the Lenormand system and of the art of cartomancy.

Requirements:  You must have completed the Level 1 Learn Lenormand Intuitively workshop and  have a good grasp of the meaning of each 36 cards and have the confidence in reading for friends and relatives using the 9 card spread.

Level 2 Lenormand Workshop with Dennis Ganchingco  notes supplied plus a special gift from Dennis that will be a great working tool. Cost $210.00 ( special festival price) Bookings essential. Payments for Dennis are pre-paid please this confirms your space/appointment.


February - June

Thursday 7th  (1 off)  10am – 11.30am – Young Living Essential Oils Coffee Mornings at Megabytes Coffee shop Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts Tamworth.  Bring your lovely selves – your questions –a smile & hug and maybe a notebook in case. 😊 If you can make it. Love to see you there 😊 You don’t have to be a current member just an interest in essential oils and once you know what we are about you may decide to join our Essential Oily family.  Please let me know if you will be there for seating purposes. Either email me back or phone 0402 348 597 Mandy 😊

Thursday 28th  10am – 11.30am – Y L Essential Oils Coffee Morning at Megabytes Coffee shop Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts Tamworth.  

March - Thursday 28th  10am – 11.30am – Y L Essential Oils Coffee Morning at Megabytes Coffee shop Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts Tamworth

April - Thursday 25th  10am – 11.30am – Y L Essential Oils Coffee Morning at Megabytes Coffee shop Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts Tamworth.  

May - Thursday 30th  10am – 11.30am - Y L Essential Oils Coffee Morning at Megabytes Coffee shop Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts Tamworth.  

June - Thursday 27th  10am – 11.30am – Y L Essential Oils Coffee Morning at Megabytes Coffee shop Cnr Bridge & Ebsworth Sts Tamworth.  

A reminder for those that have difficulty getting to me–just contact me by text, email, skype Linked In or Facebook.

If you would like to update or confirm your email details that would be great. If you prefer to not receive emails from me anymore, I will be sad to see you go but let me know and I will remove you from my list.

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