Visiting Practitioners

I have a number of practitioners both local and from out of town who work with me and are promoted by myself on a regular basis.

Judi ClarkJudi Clark: Judi is a gifted Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant, Medium and Spiritual Counsellor, who dedicates her life those in need. Judi works with the skill of psychometry. She reads the vibratory source of an article connecting her to the guidance of Spirit for the person she is working with, thus helping and assisting to bring clarity for those walking their journey on this Earth plane.

Trish ConwayTrish Conway: Angel Intuitive & Clairvoyant. A Gunnedah lady, Trish works with Angel cards to give her readings. She is oft heard to say “ the cards have never been wrong!” A gentle, spiritual lady, Trish is a genuine, nice person with an affinity with angels.

Do you crave answers to important life questions such as * What is my life purpose? * Should I change careers?* How can I best help my family? * How do I cope with the loss of a loved one?* What is the best path for me at this moment in time?

If you do have these or any other questions no matter how minor or how large,  let the angels give you guidance and answers by having an angel card reading. Everyone has guardian angels who are only too happy to assist us not only in everyday life but also in finding solutions to major life events. Trish Conway formally from Brisbane is an accredited Angel Intuitive Card Reader having trained with Doreen Virtue. She has worked within Australia and the USA


Carney WilldayCarney Willday: Clairvoyant, Psychic Empath & Medium; Angel Intuitive & Healer; Meditation & Relaxation Therapist; Holistic Counsellor.

By Appointment - Readings - in person & phone - Energy Therapy – Counselling - Intuitive Therapy Services. Understanding Spirit & Soul.

Lisa ArmytageLisa Armytage:  Intuitive Healing, Aromatherapy Massage. Reiki, Crystal & Sound. Energy Balancing. Polarity Therapy. Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings. Meditation & Psychic Development Teacher *Life Cycle Celebrant:  Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies. Renewal of Vows, Funerals & Naming Ceremonies.


Rev. Lisa Armytage started to walk consciously on her spiritual path twenty four years ago after a life changing situation in her life.  It was a catalyst for her to make a choice.  Did she want her life to change, or was she going to stay stuck in a situation that was not allowing her to honour herself as a spiritual being. The choice she made started on a wonderful journey of discovering not only the gifts that laid inside her, but opened her mind to the limitless knowledge that was being offered to her by acquaintances and teachers who passed through her life and various religious beliefs.

Her guides lead her and may doors of teaching opened for her and lead her to become ordained as a spiritual minister, teacher and healer. Drawing on all the knowledge she has gathered Lisa now uses it to help those who cross her path. Over a period of twenty years Lisa has founded and run various spiritualist churches/centres and development groups.

Lisa likes to connect with likeminded people and create a space for everyone to come and share their individual gathered knowledge, this helps to expand everyone’s awareness, helping them to find their own inner truth to live their own lives by. Through her healing and teaching abilities and the close guidance and connection with her guides, Lisa works with them to help others also to heal and grow and rise to their full potential, but most importantly acknowledge the hidden parts of themselves that are waiting to be discovered and healed.


Sue SouthwellSue Southwell: Clairvoyant & Healer Trying to find myself, led me to a Meditation Group 17 years ago and since then my life path has changed in the most enjoyable and rewarding way.   Over the years, I have learned so much from the Courses I pursued.  Reiki Healing opened me up to a new level, I feel and know the Angels are with me healing.  My guides are showing me how Clairvoyance can help us on our life journey.  Numerology is an extraordinary way to learn about yourself, explaining your personality, traits, karma and career.  I would like to share with you my gifts.

Psychometry – The reading of your energy from an object eg. Jewllery or a  personal item. Numerology –Reading the numbers - Incorporating your birthdate and name in the reading to allow you to know your life path and destiny . REIKI – Hands on Healing – Helps with health problems, aligns and balances your energies. PAST LIVES – Tuning into past lives that explains the lessons you are here to learn and who are your soulmates.

All reading days arranged through me for the above readers will be listed on my website under What’s On so you can book to see them by contacting myself on 0402 348 597

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