Readings & Healing
Individual Readings/ Consultations
"Working with our spirit guides to bring guidance, direction and awareness on both mental and spiritual levels."
Appointments approximately 30 - 60 minutes
Working with colour and spirit guidance, can help to bring direction, awareness and guidance on both the mental and spiritual levels. Bringing a balance and harmony into self.
Working with love and sincerity, with the endeavour to bring clarity and direction to your current situations. I also often allow my guidance or yours to come and speak with you directly and to offer their advice for you, if there is a need.
A Mentor to many, I have had the joy of helping many people succeed in their given fields.
Telephone readings & shorter 30minute readings are also available by appointment.

Individual Spirit Healings 30minutes
Spiritual Healings, working with spirit guides and helpers to effect meaningful transformations in your energy field for the benefit of your etheric and physical bodies.

M T H S Healing 60minutes
The Merlin Trinity Healing System is one of the most transformational healing modalities on the planet today. Since I started using MTHS, I have seen major changes in people: physical problems have eased, emotional issues have been dealt with in an easy and non-threatening manner, and I have also seen massive shifts in people's awareness in a very short period of time. People have reported having much more vitality and energy since experiencing MTHS. I am often told by people how much more clarity they have now and also that this feels like the missing link. I have also seen many manifesting more love into their lives as they open their hearts and connect to their true selves. Often people tell me how much more spiritual they are feeling, and how much more connected to a higher source they are. The stories keep coming as this marvelous healing modality spreads to more and more people.

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