Absent Healing and the power of Love can make the most profound changes in ones ability to heal and be helped to overcome some of the most devastating circumstances we face in life. This section is all about the potential for health through the connection with your Spirit Healers and Angels.

All that is required is that you link in Love and purity of thought with right intent to bring healing uplifting energy into focus to send to the person who is requiring the help. Remember thoughts are real things and the power of your thoughts in connection with the Spirit Helpers can truly bring about change in the healthful resonance of a being.

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Divine Spirit. Bless we pray, all those who need your help this day.

As we come to you at this time, we ask that our healing guides, our angels and helpers draw close, to take forth healing to all those in need. Not only those who we each request for individually, but also for those in our healing books and all healing books throughout the world.

May we also at this time, ask for comfort and upliftment to go out to the war-torn countries, and to the areas where people suffer in hunger or pain. To those people who are homeless, and for all those in hospitals and institutions everywhere, and for those who have no-one to ask on their behalf, we ask please that healing and upliftment be given for whatever their needs may be.

To our world leaders, may we ask that they be guided in the direction of peace for all humanity. And as we are joined as one during this time, let us send thoughts of love, peace and harmony out to all the corners of this beautiful planet earth, embracing all who live upon her, including her oceans, and the air we breathe, all plant life and animals.

We ask that as the healing goes out to all, that our world be uplifted and that all will live in Love, Peace and Harmony. Amen .

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