Healing for, *Deidree*.

Please can healing & support be sent to my sister Deidree  who has Esophagus cancer and has to have
a big operation.. Much Appreciated. Thankyou.

Submitted 14th November 2010

Healing for, *S.H.*.

Please help me get better, mentally, cope with what has been given me to cope with! I work in a Residential home where there is so much depression, it is affecting me deeply!
Let us all send healing to bring upliftment and balance to this being. thankyou.

Submitted 5th August 2010

Healing for, *Dimi*.

Give her the strength to recover from an up coming operation, and her ability to deal with the insurance company. Help her remain focused and positive.

Submitted 15th March 2010

Healing for, *James*.

Please send healing to my brother and help him and his girlfriend to sort through their


Submitted 15th March 2010

Healing for, *Heather*.

She is suffering with health issues..and also has a grief issue as her family,with whom she is
exceptionally close,now live in  W.A.

She has lost the will to live and I feel this is causing a physical illness to start.

Kerry Armstrong

Submitted 27th February 2010

Healing for, *Shirley*.

Please send a healing to my 73 year old mother who has been having chest pains and is other wise healthy but very scared,That the chest pains go away and she is able to once again lead a normal life.

Submitted 16th July 2009

Healing for, *David John Angelus*.

I ask the spirit to protect and heal my David now and always when in danger and when in bad health, may the spirit help him to do everything for the right reasons and help him understand the world around him. I ask for his sicknesses to be healed and for his stress to be released. May we be together soon. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Other Information: David is lives in Iraq and I am always worried about him and hope to be with him soon.

Submitted by Geizi Dubon on 17th May 2008

Healing for, *Shunichi Masumoto and Toyoko Masumoto*.

Please send healing to Shunichi and Toyoko. And help Shunichi and Toyoko their problems.

Submitted  on 2nd February 2008

Healing for, *Cutmore family*.

For healing in their time of sorrow.

Submitted by Gwen on 10th October 2007 - Many Blessings

Healing for, *Julie Radford*.

For healing from breast cancer, spiritual healing, guidance and enlightenment.

Healing for, *Joan Bullock*.

Please send healing to Joan,as she faces a health challenge,and needs all the healing prayers we can give at this time,Joan has spent her life as a nurse helping others to heal,now is her time of need,please send all the love and prayers,for her speedy recovery

Submitted by all her family and friends who love her dearly on 8th April, 2007

Healing for, *Kevin*.

Love and healing to you. We pray that the healing angels will bless and give you strength to make a healthy recovery.

Submitted  on 25th September, 2006

Healing for, *Scott*.

Please help Scott through his problems

Submitted  on 25th September, 2006

Healing for, *Jacqui*.

I ask that spirit watch over our beautiful daughter,Jacqui and help her to except healing from past bad relationships and allow true love from her soulmate to enter her life now. Please help her to open her heart and learn to trust again.

Submitted  on 24th July, 2006

Healing for, *Suzette*.

I request that Spirit watch over my daughter Yasmin and protect her from harm. Please support her Mother to cope with her brother, Joshua. Let Joshua's father take the time to love him.

Submitted  by Alex on 23rd July, 2006

Healing for my precious daughter, *Michaela Sky*, aged 6.

Healing for my precious daughter princess *MICHAELA SKY * my miracle baby girl, I pray to spirit to heal my princess and for all the ANGELS to watch over my princess and my beloved wife Wendy; always.
Thank you spirit

Submitted  by Chris Ropdrigues on 27th June, 2006

Healing for Lincoln Hall

Request for healing & prayers for Lincoln & his family

Submitted  on 28th May, 2006

Healing for Judith Keenan

Asking the angels to look after this wonderful lady and protect her against everything that is harmful to her. Judith has been very sick for about 6 weeks and needs healing.

Submitted by Sheryllee on 24th May, 2006

Healing for Eric

Please give Eric healing, lots of love and light in any form he is able to absorb. Eric is under a lot of stress and is silently suffering. Thank you for this opportunity.

Submitted by Ina  on 30th March, 2006

Healing for George

I am asking for my father in law who is in ICU oversees. His heart and kidneys are working but it seems that there is no brain activity. I ask healing for George on a spiritual level as well on a physical level. I also ask for forgiveness towards his son and his family. Please give him healing at any level he needs so he can move onto whereever he needs to be. Thank you very much and let God bless us all

Submitted by Ina on 30th March, 2006

Healing for Nicholas Hill

I would like healing to be done for my husband's kidneys and cold he has been suffering with for the past four weeks.  Also to help with his stress as well. Nick is our children's and my carer and he is under a lot of stress at this time. 

Submitted by Sheryllee Hill on 17th March, 2006